Energy Arts ~ ~ Emerging

From a quickly sketched sprial,  a new Energy Arts website is taking root.

Today,  you’ll find a  preview of the constellation of  my energy balancing art,  services and products for humans and other animals.             

During this  Energy Arts site growing season, please contact me directly for additional information, a current newsletter, to schedule a consultation or to place an order:



3 Responses to Home

  1. What an amazing website, it is truly reflective of your inner beauty and colors!

  2. What a beautiful website, it is reflective of your beautiful and colorful inside!

  3. Amy Jung says:

    The Munay-Ki rites that Polly facilitates are wonderful! Her energy is amazing and she one of the few I trust when working with my own energy. Since receiving the rites, I have never felt more balanced and in tune with myself and my surroundings. Polly is a beautiful person full of harmony and integrity and I highly recommend her services and products.

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